Custom Signature Stamp

Custom Signature Stamp: Why Sign Your Name When You Can Stamp It!

A signature stamp is a useful tool for any business or office space. However, there are some questions regarding if your own signature stamp is legal or not. Though the answer to this question is still unknown, you can certainly have your custom signature stamp for conducting your business, and its official works smoothly. Now, let’s discuss just what a signature stamp is and how you can create a personal signature stamp for your business.

Since many official documents need some sort of authorization, thus, having a clear idea of the definition of a signature stamp is important. A signature is basically the sign or mark made by a person on a document or instrument to show acceptance, approval, obligation, etc. To spell it out the term signature in another way, you can say it generally does not only mean signing your name in a specific way but also some sort of signing mark. A valid signature can include the official seal, a drawn image, and much more.

What is a Custom Signature Stamp?

To say simply, a signature stamp is a mark or an implement that is individualized with the name of an individual for easy and quick authorization of some crucial documents and instruments. These stamps can come as a personalized item with simply a signature, or they can contain both a signature and a printed name. You’ll find signature stamps in various styles that include pre-inked, self-inking, as well as wood handles. Though each one of the personalized signature stamps serves the same basic function or purpose, each one of them appeals to different aesthetics.

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, having your custom signature stamp to authorize all of your official documents is an excellent way to maintain a professional attitude even while following the rules of social distancing. Additionally it is better to use your own tools to lessen the spread of this infectious virus. While those signature stamps certainly are a really useful tool for any professional, there are some concerns regarding if those are a legal way to authorize something or not.

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Now, as you already know what a signature stamp is and why this is a generally accepted legal or official mark of authorization, why don’t we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a custom signature stamp and using it.

The advantages of a signature stamp

There are many reasons that can insist you buy and use a personalized signature stamp. This is a very helpful tool for both professional and personal use that helps in expediting or simplifying some specific tasks.

  1. The regular appearance of the signature stamp removes ambiguity.
  2. A signature stamp simplifies the procedure of repeated and frequent signing.
  3. With the help of signature stamps, physically disabled folks can sign easily.
  4. Company signature stamps are a much cheaper option than those individualized marketing materials and those printed business cards. Thus, you can save lots of money on printing costs.
  5. You can add personal touches to your stamp and hook up with a lot of people, as this makes your business traditional and trustworthy.
  6. You may easily increase your brand recognition with the help of signature stamps.
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