founder of influencer marketing platform Sideqik

Sideqik: Influencer Marketing and Social Engagement Platform

Sideqik can be an end-to-end influencer marketing platform that goes beyond influencer marketing campaigns to find new ways to operate vehicle earnings for your brand. With over 25M social media profiles across 10+ social networks (including Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch), our database gives you usage of more influencers than some other provider. Sideqik, Provider of an influencer marketing platform designed to manage and track influencers. The business’s platform measures the impact of social campaigns on enterprise brands in terms of age, gender, location and other important factors by integrating with existing CRM, analytics and affiliate systems, enabling businesses to understand their brand, rivals and industry.

Why Social Engagement and Influencer Marketing?

It’s about where the attention of consumers is certainly going. During the last couple of years, we’ve seen folks increasingly shift their focus from traditional media to online, mobile, and social. There’s also no shortage of data – marketers and CMOs are swimming in data, but how will you make sense of most of this data? How will you apply it to better understand your customers and the people they trust, what those people say about you, your rivals, as well as your market? How will you build meaningful relationships, and do that in a way that grows your business? To get more information about founder of influencer marketing platform Sideqik

New Innovation is Needed

Sideqik has been rapidly innovating our marketing platform, with hundreds of releases before year. Today our customers may use our AI-driven platform to find through an incredible number of influencers throughout the world for the best people, manage those relationships in a single central location, run campaigns that drive sales, promotion code distribution, UGC, or customer engagement – & most importantly, gauge the impact that of this effort is wearing their business.

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With this new round of financing, we will continue steadily to build out our AI and predictive capabilities, and out-deliver others inside our space to supply the best technology and the best experience for our customers.

We’re experiencing a pivotal shift in how brands engage with their customers, and how consumers notice brands and choose the merchandise they purchase. In order for brands to remain relevant, they have to know their customers and discover new ways to hook up and engage with them. We’ve also seen the rise of content creators and social influencers, with an incredible number of livestreams, blogs, video channels, and social channels being created, a lot of which with massive followings. It’s impossible to assume a global where these online channels are less important or less prevalent in the future.

By integrating fully with your Shopify platform, Sideqik gives you to track conversions from specific sources and understand exactly how marketing campaigns and decisions are impacting your bottom line.

It’s just one of the ways we empower you to operate a vehicle your business forward and upward.

Track Influencer & Marketing ROI

Identify exactly how specific influencers and campaigns are performing predicated on your own custom metrics, from earned media value to total earnings and everything in-between.

Uncover The Best Influencers

With robust search features and the most significant database available, you can find influencers that align with your brand, audience, and goals to get the most out of your influencer strategy.

Identify Trends & Empower Decision Making

Sideqik’s Shopify-integrated platform is designed to surface not only specific data points but important trends in your influencer and marketing campaigns. Identify patterns and make data-based decisions for your brand.

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Go Beyond Engagement to Track Conversions

High engagement for marketing campaigns is excellent. But product-based businesses need marketing that brings about real sales. Use Sideqik to track views, purchases, form submissions, cart activity, payment activity, and even more.

Keep Momentum After Initial Contact

From integration with platforms like Mailchimp to remarketing functions for Facebook, Twitter, and Google, Sideqik helps you build momentum from promotions and turn engagements into sales.

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