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What are green crackers and their benefits ?

Every year Diwali festival gives us beautiful recollections but, it also results in a severe pollution concern that lasts for days. This season, the Supreme Court of the country has transferred an order to keep a check up on cracker consumption with ‘Green Crackers’ and has bound it to a deadline. While the environmentalists feel it is justified, the cracker-enthusiasts think it is totally unreasonable.

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How are ‘Green Crackers’ not the same as conventional firecrackers?
Firecrackers are explosive materials that produce noise and flame; they are filled with many toxic metals like strontium, barium, and gases like polychlorinated hydrocarbons, they are bad for us. Whereas inexperienced crackers have nitrogen-rich nitrocellulose that causes less smoke and substance mixture hence they emanate less toxic gases. The fireworks nowadays are turning into a smokeless substance less and noiseless product. A very important thing about renewable crackers is that they produce less smoke, sulphur and potassium nitrate which helps us in retaining environmental balance.

What are the stats saying?
Corresponding to WHO’s database more than 4,000 cities throughout the world show that Delhi’s pollution level has increased slightly among the entire year 2010-2014 which is nowhere nearby the safety level. Matching to Air Quality Index between 0-50 air is known as “Good”, 51- 100 “Satisfactory”, 101-200 “Average”, 201-300 “While”, 301-400 “INADEQUATE” above that “Severe”. Delhi’s AQI has slid to ‘Very Low-quality’ level before two days.

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The concerns are the rising health issues in older people and kids anticipated to air pollution-related ailments like respiratory diseases, Asthma etc. Based on the reports, 20 to 25% of children have problems with respiratory infections from an extremely early age. The info is alarming and needs our immediate attention. In that situation, even the tiniest steps can bring in some notable changes.

The benefits associated with green crackers:
Below are a few bright areas of reducing the usage of crackers and deciding on low emission green crackers:

1. SMOG free
Not too long ago we saw the way the capital was blanketed by dense and harmful smog. The pollution level after Diwali generally rises up to 30% anticipated to bursting crackers. Visualize if it’s that harmful to us, how dangerous it can be for our children.

2. Less hazardous gases in the air
After losing such a substantial volume of crackers the environment loads up with harmful carbon, nitrous oxide, and other toxic gases. It lowers our immunity & the respiratory system.

3. Less garbage
As PM started “Swach Bharat Abhiyaan” as a movements to keep carefully the country clean, lessening the consumption of firecracker can be considered a significant contribution towards this worthy cause.

4. Safe for cattle and pets
Our pet dogs, cows, and birds get harmed the most scheduled to, loud noise and excessive pollution. They have a tendency to get scared and sick due to such inhuman activities.

5. Fewer fire-related accidents
Every year after Diwali we hear about the many accidents that ensued because of firecrackers and these can be avoided with somewhat of awareness and caution.

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Supreme Court Order
The decision enforced by the Supreme Court makes it a compulsion for everybody to check out it. If we aren’t willing to take these positive steps the continuous environmental degradation taking place around us would multiply greatly and impact our future generations as well.

In the long run bear in mind, celebrations are about making happy and bright memory with all your family members, loud noises and dense smoke isn’t the only path to celebrate this pious festival. This Diwali let us take a vow to live green and keep the environment clean!

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