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Key benefits of choosing a handmade kitchen

Selecting a handmade kitchen over a set -panel mass-produced kitchen certainly has its benefits. They’ll feature a higher price, but here we offer you 4 explanations why it’s most surely worthwhile the investment.

Handmade kitchens are constructed by skilled pantry makers whose love it is to create beautiful bespoke bits out of wood. You’ll find only the best materials such as oak and birch plywood that will truly stand the test of time whilst positioning their beauty and strength for quite some time.

Flat-panel, MDF kitchens are mass-produced and have a tendency to be produced with specific elements to displace should anything break, they are simply generally glued as well as weak joint parts and hinges that eventually break displaying signals of sagging and peeling.

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Handmade kitchens are made to last you an eternity, ours even feature a 30-year guarantee even as trust that they way they are designed and the materials used can last, despite having 30 years worthwhile of deterioration, eventually presenting our clients satisfaction in the options they are making.

It is obviously worth the bigger price tag to learn that your kitchen will be exceptional quality and you simply won’t have to displace anything in a long time.

Handcrafted kitchens can be any size, you aren’t limited by the typical sized cabinetry that will leave you with wasted space and unused areas. Handmade kitchens should come with a design service that will totally utilise every area and areas of your kitchen with storage functions you wouldn’t even understand can be done. Whether it’s an uncomfortable area, chimney arch or cove, handmade kitchens will be made to match with unlimited kitchen design.

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Have a look at our Green Shaker Kitchen to see cabinets, aga and glazed cabinets included in chimney arches.

The wonder of choosing a handmade kitchen is the fact that it’ll be British make, which in this point in time is more important than ever before going local.

The less mass-produced, the better. The shorter distance that products have travelled lessens the carbon footprint providing you a more lasting approach to a fresh kitchen.

British manufacturers have a tendency to stay British, we source hinges knobs (Armac Martin), car paint (we like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene & Car paint and Newspaper Library) and real wood all locally from other high-quality businesses that similarly run with the surroundings at the forefront with their minds.

Solid wood that is sent internationally from cheaper creation areas has a higher impact on the surroundings, see our materials to find out more.

Whether it’s a great tupperware collection or a range of china mugs, developing a kitchen handcrafted bespoke for you allows you the freedom to cover up or display whatever you like. Whether you will want kitchen packed with profound drawers or huge shelved units, handmade kitchen companies will pay attention to your requirements and exactly how your household use your kitchen and design these elements in to the completed product. Kitchens change from a tiny room big enough for only 1 to a multifunctional space for preparing food, eating, compelling and congregating so that it is essential that you make the area your own and take full advantage of your investment.

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Handcrafted kitchens are also a terrific way to point out design and personality, you won’t be limited by what’s available choosing from a place selection of styles that may be shipped in, you’ll be describing what you prefer, exhibiting inspirational images that you’ll have been collecting because you first imagined your brand-new kitchen and can have something that is totally unique for you.

Creating a kitchen designed via a bespoke, handmade company will also imply that they won’t be trend-driven and won’t walk out style in 2-3 years time with instant regret. You’ll be looking at common kitchens that’ll be handpainted; so in case you do fancy a big change, you be capable of turn things up with a fresh lick of car paint or new colour!

Deep Green Shaker kitchen with totally fitted reclaimed classic haberdashery cabinet, cupboards are decorated in Little Green Obsidian Green (216)

Kitchens will be the heart of the house, and as the saying goes; kitchens sell residences so buying quality can not only benefit you for a while whilst you are in your aspiration kitchen, but will also add value to your house.

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